Refrigerated Display Lighting Solutions.
Up to 40% of retail
convenient stores
sales are from
cooler doors! A
opportunity to
filter your name
with stunning lights
Increases visibility
from up to 20 ft.
Away or more!   
With Kruise Filters
Ideal for Brand
If you are a store operator or supplier - Spruce it up with the
newest Refrigerator Display Filtering Technology.
LIGHT FILTER”  Proprietary advertisement  printing or customization can
create a royalty approach for your product presentations. Technologies
offer graphic replacements if desired, for assured authenticity. Visit the
Official Kruise Filter Store.
Quick Clip Filtering or Snap N Wraps with graphics
Cross Marketing
Sense! Great for
Snacks, Gum,
Candy, Kegs,
store and more!
Use existing
energy to put your
name in lights and
promote with
Kruise  Filters
Why do Kruise advertising filters really work ?
Many go through extraordinary efforts with signage to
achieve and draw customers from the side, a distance
including cross marketing As illustrated here.

Traditional signage is proven to increase sales
revenues, many case studies will prove.

At Kruise filters we use Innovative solutions to improve
marketing concepts to a new level.

Put Your Name In Lights!
Filtering or printing of advertisements for the use with refrigerator lighting systems is proprietary
technology of Kruise Filters is covered by one or more U.S. Patents.
Cross Marketing is common a form of advertising, from traditional
signage to the internet, your brand exposure is key, where there is
customer traffic there is a opportuntiy to capture extra customers and
promote your brand or service. Kruise Filters offers you brand recognition
in high traffic areas and adds display appeal from a distance. The
refrigerated merchandiser display with light filter is ideal for cross
Display Appeal
The Newest In Refrigerator Display Light Filtering Technology.